Sportway was founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Staffan Dahl. The ambition was to help federations, leagues, clubs and event organisers capitalize on the opportunities created by online video platforms in combination with Social Media marketing and cost efficient production solutions.

Staffan was quickly joined by a team of experienced media investors lead by Jonas Persson, the founder of IEC in Sports and Commercial Sports Media.

In 2017 Sportway, through its partnership with DMC in Sports, started working with the Swedish Football Association producing and managing the media rights of Sweden's 3rd division football. 480 matches are produced and shown on various media outlets including the leagues own online platform "ettanplay.se".

In 2019 Sportway partnered with the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation and software company Live Arena in order to install permanent cameras which are operated automatically using AI algorithms in 100 ice hockey arenas. The approximately 15 000 matches are published on the subscription based online platform "svenskhockey.tv"

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